The New Lakeland´s water network

„Kanupark“ sluice - connection to the Störmthaler lake

For the first time two lakes have been connected in the Leipziger New Lakeland thanks to the 800m long channel between the Markkleeberger lake and Störmthaler lake and a sluice gate which has been finished in 2013 and compensates the different heights of the lake´s water levels. The sluice can be used by individual paddle or sailboats as well as the local passenger ships. With a size of 20.0 m x 5.0 m and a height difference of
4 m, the sluice at the Markkleeberger lake is the largest sluice construction in region at the moment. Apart from its touristic purpose the sluice is also important for the regulation of drainage water from the Störmthaler lake.


The commissioning of the sluice gate and the connecting channel is an important mile stone for “Route 5” of the region´s water network, which is planned to lead from the Störmthaler lake, through the Markkleeberger lake, the river “Pleiße” towards the city port in Leipzig. The city of Markkleeberg is proprietor of the sluice gate which was built in co-operation with the LMBV.

The state of Saxony funds planning and realization of actions regarding further remediation and redevelopment of the New Lakeland with several million euros.


Water network – exploring the lakes and waters in and around Leipzig

Experience two extraordinary water engineering projects at the Markkleeberger lake which shape the future of tourism in the region of Leipzig.

The former quarries of the time of open-cast mining in the region are constantly transforming into a true lakescape. A network is being created that connects lakes, built channels and natural rivers and creeks (i.e. “Elster”, “Pleiße” and “Floßgraben”) with each other and the city of Leipzig. Along those waterways more and more restaurants, boat hires, moorings and berths are being developed.


Connecting the Markkleeberger lake and the city of Leipzig

The touristic water network includes the construction of a channel-like connection between the Markkleeberger lake and the river “Pleiße” in Markkleeberg-Ost in order to allow an extensive traffic of boats.

All information about possible routes through the water network of
Leipzig´s New Lakeland can be found on the website





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