The neighbouring Störmthaler lake

Not just the Markkleeberger lake but also the adjacent Störmthaler lake is constantly changing into a more and more attractive tourist destination. After the Störmthaler lake has been officially opened for tourists and guests on 27th April 2014, it is now allowed to swim in and use boats (without an engine) on the lake. Furthermore, a fully-tarmacked circular lakeside path which surrounds the entire lake has already been finished.


There is a lot to experience at and around the 730ha large lake already. One example is the mining and technology park between the Störmthaler lake and the A38 which has been dedicated in 2012 and allows its guest to see an entire conveying cycle in a lignite open-cast mine. Since 2011, another highlight located in the middle of the Störmthaler lake is the floating church “VINETA”, an extraordinary event location that has already become famous beyond German borders. With a height of 15 m it is the tallest floating building in Germany and regularly used as venue for many different events such as countless marriages – which the atmosphere is perfect for. The Highfield Festival which takes place every year at the Magdeborner peninsula is already internationally-famous as well. The three-day long music festival with international and national music stars attracts more than 25000 guests coming from all different European countries every year in August.

The focal point of the Störmthaler lake is going to be the modern vacation resort “LAGOVIDA” around the recently-built sailboat marina with numerous berths for sailboats and the new hotel “Casa Marina”. The official opening of “LAGOVIDA” took place in 2014. Guests of the resort can choose between a number of apartments and suites. In addition to that they are offered a caravan park with 60 caravan camping grounds as well as an exciting adventure playground.





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Mit einen Klick! - der Markkleeberger See im Videoportrait!
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