Overview of the lake

Lakeside promenade Markkleeberg-Ost

The lakeside promenade in Markkleeberg-Ost is developing into an attractive focal point of the Markkleeberger lake.

Covering 415 m the lakeside promenade has been made with a 10 m border from the water's edge, a 3 m wide tarmacked path and a 3 m wide paved path.

A further 4 m of the 10 meter wide promenade are intended for exhibits or for terraces of the cafés, restaurants, galleries or ateliers lining the promenade. The beach café "Strandcafé" as well as the wine bar "Weinbeisserei" have already been opened. For those who wish to enjoy the refreshing water close to the lakeside promenade, there is a beach with powdery sand. Adjacent to that the peer provides 20 spaces for mooring boats -ideal for sailing and boat trips around the Markkleeberger lake.

None of the other new waterways being created in Leipzig´s New Lakeland are as easily accessible as the lakeside promenade in Markkleeberg-Ost, where only a 500 m footpath separates the promenade from the final tram stop of tram number 11.

On an embankment between the lakeside promenade and the Auenhainer street a new location is being developed for residential purposes and tourism. Private initiatives and creative business ideas are being welcomed to turn the lakeside promenade into an attractive destination all the year round: for strolling, shopping, relaxing, dining or as a starting point for various sports.

A regional information and communication center for Leipzig's New Lakeland is being established under the motto 'gate to the southern region'. Primarily, the goal is to use multimedia to familiarise visitors with the impressive transition of Leipzig's southern region into Leipzig's New Lakeland with the vision of incorporating it into a central German network of waterways.

Leipzig's New Lakeland stands out not only in Germany but worldwide with its tremendous technical projects, with one of the largest landscaping projects around and because of its economic potential. It is high tide to develop an exhibition center where this development can be experienced.

The steep embankment of the north shore stretching from the lakeside promenade to Auenhain counts as one of the special landscapes of Markkleeberger lake. A combination of areas with cultivated trees and open meadows aims to achieve an aesthetically- pleasing spatial landscape. Furthermore, the steep excavation embankment is of particular interest for geologically-minded visitors.

The "GEOpfad" project at the Markkleeberger lake and the Störmthaler lake aim to use geological windows at specific points in time to provide fascinating insights into the geological processes of the Earth's history.

Do you require more information about the location and the directions to the lakeside promenade?! - Use the town map from the town of Markkleeberg on the Internet: click here...

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